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.munications Unfortunately, as more and more .panies begin to employ .munications solutions to improve productivity and cut costs, the threat of cyber crimes also rises. Some reports state that cyber crimes worldwide cost more than $1 trillion and result in hacked customer information, leaked research, and lost assets. That alone is a reason to secure your confidential information, but paired with unforeseen accidents like a stolen smartphone or lost laptop ensuring your business’s information and solutions are safe and secure at all times quickly a mandatory issue. PGi knows that conferencing is the lifeblood of today’s .panies they give voice to innovation, finalize investment plans, and secure relationships (among many other things). While the globalization of business makes audio, video, and web conferencing an essential .ponent of formulating a business strategy, it is imperative that security measures are put in place in order to provide those .panies with the confidence to strategize and collaborate in a secure virtual setting. Thankfully, PGi’s latest innovation, iMeet, offers a virtual meeting experience that .bines innovative and .prehensive .munication and collaboration tools with enterprise-class security. Unlike the .petition, iMeet brings something very unique to the table customers have the ability to verify all meeting participants with their own eyes and ears. Unlike other web conferencing services , PGi iMeet establishes individual audio and visual cues for all participants, not just the presenters. Each participant receives his or her own cube with a unique identity even if some participants are only listening in on the meeting this ensures that no eavesdroppers can listen in without your knowledge. That’s just one of the many ways that iMeet provides safe, secure collaboration and .munication, here are a few more: Secure documents the presenter/host decided who can download, upload, and even view documents by locking or unlocking those that are stored in their iMeet room’s virtual file storage cabinet. Participants that are locked out won’t know it it’ll appear as though those documents do not exist. Presenters/hosts customizes security the presenter/host determines whether their meeting room is locked to prevent unwanted guests, and has the ability to establish a meeting room key for each specific meeting as an added layer of authentication. All meetings are unique; thankfully iMeet security measures are flexible enough to conform to them all. Secure network iMeet transmits over a secure, reliable, authentic network, and applies encoded Real Time Messaging Protocol over Secure Socket Layer and Transport Security Layer connections via HTTPS; this offers a fully encrypted, cloud-based solution that safeguards user networks from intruders. PGi will continue to develop features within iMeet that help our customers glean additional value from their video meetings , while also addressing their evolving security requirements. Stay tuned for new feature enhancements and upgrades next month, in the iMeet 1.1 Release. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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