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LOL new hero but too strong? Kliene skills all – game original title: LOL new hero but too strong? Kliene skills all introduce skills analysis: passive set for the first time that Warner gaming king, but the difference is the cyclone and cyclone changes after greatly enhance their ability, and strong g efficient machine after the lizard lost kliene will not only lose E skills to provide liquidity will let themselves in a the dangerous realm, but fortunately people form kliene can rely on Q skills and pull the distance between the enemy, so security is still a little security. Q skills: the lizard mount is to control the type of skills and the relatively short CD also helps to push the line and consumption, coupled with the E skills can be close to the enemy so as to ensure the shooting skills, no doubt must first point of full skill. No lizard mount: This repel effect reminds me of male gun strokes, but at the end of the appalling damage. So it is generally used as a means to open the gap between the enemy and the means. Don’t try to use this skill to kill the enemy, because this is your life skills only in human form. W skills can make blood transfusion technology, kereid in consumption advantage in the early time on the road at W. With the kerait Q skills entangled enemy, can be directly E to play W effect. Even in the human form, Ke can also rely on their own W skills greatly accelerate the speed of the recovery of anger. The only thing to note is that the skill is not as passive as the other heroes, this skill itself has a certain CD time, the need to grasp the timing of the spell. In particular, be careful not to waste the skills, otherwise the characteristics of high CD will make you in a very long period of time can not be effective output. The E technology provides a more rapid mobility to g, which makes it a flexible one. It is important to note the crocodile and E similar to E must be an enemy hero can touch the second E skills, followed by a period of skills is to climb the walls (maybe some thin wall can be, but are currently no successful gaming king) heroes union the most skill of garbage. The first jump is no way to skip the terrain, and the second paragraph skills as long as it is not too far away from the target hero is still have the opportunity to connect, so even if the opponent over displacement skills (including flash) you also have the ability to completely follow up a victory with hot pursuit. R skills a bit wonderful skill set for the skills to become the upper open group and Gank the most efficient skills. The first thing you need to know is not to the maximum distance to get full shield and hurt, so not to pay special attention to the open position of the ultimate limit. The second is the skill of the team provides the shield and acceleration properties, is a team of buff, can let the other team’s players have the ability to keep up with our team. Reference skills upgrade order: the main Q auxiliary W pre level E guarantee mobility, there is a big big. The selection of equipment out: or or corrosion potion sword Dolan gladius sword can strengthen the kerait pharmacy Dolan on line capacity early, give him a strong suppression, suitable to deal with the stone)相关的主题文章:

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