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Man "is the mother of anger" mob father was arrested and killed in November 8, Beijing Lanzhou (Wang Haitao) 8, reporters from Longnan County People’s Procuratorate, the court of the mob killed his father and mother, Zhang grandmother, friends and other four suspects approved the arrest on suspicion of intentional injury crime. Prosecutors revealed that 18 years ago, farmers in Gansu city of Longnan Province Huang Chengxian Chen Zhen Gao (female) his deaf, dementia wed daughter Zhang Liu for his wife. After a year or so, Zhang and Liu returned home and estranged birth son of a small piece of. 18 years later, grown-up son and mother knew his life experience, for the mother to vent their anger, father will be his home, with his mother and grandmother, friends tied beaten to death. Prosecutors found that self Zhang due to poor life, Zhang was a by the grandmother of a high care. Zhang grandmother grew up, between a high to clear his life and parents entanglements. On the morning of September 29, 2016, Zhang Mou met a friend Lee, a car to his father Liu Moujiazhong, in order to find Liu do furniture on the grounds that he would like to lure the car back to his home. After getting off the bus, a small piece from the trunk of a car out of the prepared wood tools, then three people each holding a hostage Liu to go home. Liu before the door neighbor fled to hide, Zhang was a small door with a wooden stick from the back at two, was forcibly brought home three. A small piece of bullying his father Liu knelt to his mother and grandmother to apologize, and Liu from the back and waist with a wooden stick hit, after Lee and the completion of a friend’s help, a small one will Liu bundled in the room wooden pillars, then the grandmother and mother with a high Zhang in the fire stick to beat Ryu, a small friend Lee with a stick and knocked Liu, Liu found seriously injured, and a small piece of uncle Liu rushed to the hospital together, sent after Liu has died. Prosecutors said the case is with the use of violence in illegal detention of death cases, social harm and great influence, for a small one (son), a high (grandmother), Zhang (mother), Lee (friend) has approved the arrest of four suspected of the crime of intentional injury.相关的主题文章:

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