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Miss was sick people insult cited outrage back to maintain LOL League game player have gaming circles have a lot of spray, however, these are not the people of spray spray It is without rhyme or reason. However, recently a troll attack Miss in the following comment on micro-blog Miss, was the number of game player language crusade! Miss made a micro-blog, said he is seeing a doctor, the doctor pumped a lot of blood! One of the players has joked about it! So what does the player say? Micro-blog Miss following a lot of people are cursing the game player, but the ID does not exist, and the curse of the comment has been deleted, so we also have baobuqi temporarily can make nothing of it, a screenshot of the fans! However, the fans to denounce the curse of game player was a lot, we can look at this: @ I was a Fan Qin game player was criticized! However, the comments are also concerned about Miss’s true love powder! Miss estimates also saw the malicious joking game player, then at micro-blog also responded: are you kidding, but not too much, but an insult? As a well-known LOL anchor, Miss some black powder that is certain, but this is not a black powder but a joke, your motives? Even spray, also have their own position! I have a Miss fan in reply to those without brain – sprayer! As a celebrity, being insulted can have such a gas is also rare, we ordinary people encounter their own is not a curse on the rhythm? So, in the gaming circle mix of people, is not easy! (article gameparty)相关的主题文章:

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