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In Taiwan, more and more customers end fear Hotel selling original title: Miss fewer passengers Taiwan industry worry: at the end of the hotel selling data figure: South Taiwan scenic tourist maobitou tide, the main crowd of tourists from the mainland. Chen Liyu agency issued photo Beijing in August 25, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that in the group of mainland tourists travel agency business creation without warning failures, worries of travel agency closures as a domino effect emerged, the travel agency said that if the mainland tourists will continue to reduce the fear of travel agency fail, even the hotel will go out of business, the authorities can not ignore the seriousness of. Hotel Taiwan business association chairman Xu Yinshu pointed out that mainland tourists to reduce, hotel performance fell significantly, by the end of may be a wave of selling hotel. Xu Yinshu pointed out that the tourism industry has always been regarded as the happiness industry, industry and industry to highlight, and the blue chip stocks over the past few years, a good tourism boom, there are people have money flows, growth in the number of mainland tourists to related industries benefit consortium continuously cover new hotels, office buildings and even into the hotel. There are old hotel renovation after the mainland tourists do business. Xu Yinshu said that the industry is planning, the number of people will be more and more land, the money must be returned to the profit of the investment, but after the new authorities came to power, the land does not increase the number of passengers, the industry cried bitter. The last group of mainland tourists housing prices is about two person room one night 1400 yuan (NT, the same below) to 1200 yuan, now down to 1000 yuan per night, and have breakfast, the industry unprofitable, "heart in blood". Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章:

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