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My mother has been sick, should take care of her? Sohu one letter: my mother is from the countryside to the small town to marry. Although my ego husband seven years old, pretty and things crisp, in her eyes, but I still climb up to her six meters tall, wordless son. The first time to go to his house, her mother was in hospital, I take a gift with a smile to call her "aunt", she had lying in bed, as if deaf and blind, see, hear, speak no more. In addition to embarrassment, only embarrassment. Out of the hospital, her husband was to give the explanation is: my mother was very painful, can not say a word! Such a ridiculous explanation I laugh, anyway and not live together with her mother, no! Perhaps the woman looks at the son almost thirty has no girlfriend, maybe the rest of his family to me a good impression, very soon, we are going to be engaged, the custom here is in addition to jewelry and dowry money, the man will give the woman to buy two to twelve sets of clothes vary (as the groom’s family conditions and decide). As a country girl, even his home in good condition, I also dare to two, double the number of auspicious figure. But the clothes have not bought, but I received a letter from her mother-in-law, she said to buy so many clothes what is the use? Are the new clothes not the same as the old ones? Home economic conditions are not good, clothes do not buy! Not! Buy! By! I have some consternation, usually even a word to me to say the mother actually wrote me a letter! For two sets of clothes, ha ha, really funny! Of course I don’t agree, but the result is not, my husband went to ask a friend to borrow money, bought me two sets of engagement clothes. Have to say a word, borrowed the money, after marriage is our own. Such things are numerous, bumps, we got married. This situation is the result of marriage: penniless. At that time young, I feel full of love, not to care about what. But I soon got pregnant. My reaction is very heavy, do not eat, only eat waffles, a meal to a whole box. Do not eat the fruit of the season, to eat anti season watermelon, a day to! Calcium, total cramp, must drink milk! 98 years, her husband’s wages of $280, even less than 10 days is not enough to spend. And I will not go to work after pregnancy, but also out of. No way, I’m quite a large belly, under the scorching sun, in support of the road next to the sun umbrella, put a stall, barely a. As pregnant women, I did not treasure panda when feeling, everyday number one or two yuan limited, wait for a day can better day by day. Son is a natural childbirth, 8 pounds! The exhausted I collapse of lying in bed, unable to move! The doctors and nurses at home Tim so congratulations to say a big fat guy! She stood beside the Staveley: "my son is a good ah? In fact, I do not like others, a woman is better!" And then went to bed to see me in the bowl with the bloody Nightgown, disgusted with orchid fingers up and threw them on the ground: "dirty dead, also put in the bowl!" Husband picked up in the past, it seems that can not tolerate G相关的主题文章:

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