My war Liu Ye, the pressure to reduce the number of strokes of the various strokes of the Wang Luoda melia kreiling

"My war" Liu Ye Wang Luodan to ease the pressure of each trick Liu Ye Wang Luodan Tony Yang Sina entertainment news September 18th, the movie "my war" held a press conference in Shanghai, starring Liu Ye, Wang Luodan [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Tony Yang attended the event. War shooting conditions are hard, as an artist, usually work pressure is not light, the three stars on the way to relieve pressure, Liu Ye said on three months every year with his family back to France to breathe, Wang Luodan is the standard "to eat" chowhound, while Tony Yang is the way exercise, usually love surfing and running. "My war" was made to commemorate the war, tells the story of young people in order to defend the country, far from home in a brutal battle occurred about love, friendship, affection of the legend. War films of the environment is bound to be difficult, Liu Ye said: "the nostrils are smoke, do not say, the next morning to get up spit phlegm, phlegm are black, every day is. Nostrils, mouth inside are the most simple, black is the lungs, but every war drama is actually this condition." Before Tony Yang had always dreamed of war movies, but this is scared, "I really wish war movies, but this time a bit scared, as ye brother just said the situation of the environment. But the script really attracted me, I was deeply moved. Although this film three and a half months is very hard, but saw the heart still feel quite excited." Wang Luodan is next to puff out a listen to laugh out loud, "his agent has a circle of friends said, you finally realize your dreams, but I accompany you to eat dirt beside! It is really not easy, before we feel hard to shoot, but did not expect so hard. I think it’s a bit of an actor." Although the shooting hard, but Liu Ye believes that as long as it is a good production, but also do not reject the war film, the domestic pure war films are not many, I hope the better. A war movie is a good thing for an actor, and a man can be achieved in a play." I talked about how to relieve the pressure of work, the three stars also have their own tricks. Tony Yang’s choice is to exercise, "I generally rely on Sports decompression, I like surfing, running what". Wang Luodan said, "I have to eat, drink coffee every day, eat delicious, eat meat, so it is". Liu Ye is relying on each year with his family back to France for three months through the air, before drinking chat, and now do not chat, playing cards. The place is good, because the wife is French for three months with the children back to see Grandpa and grandma every year, over there with the ring out, no one will find me. My basic rhythm is half a year, half a year off." (talk about the text)相关的主题文章:

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