| There is certainly an order in the world. The planets move around the sun in precise orbits; the earth turns on its axis accurately; the moon orbits around the earth; these are just a few ways. The list is infinite. From the vibration of atoms, to the orbiting of the planets, there is an order in the universe. How then do devastating natural disasters occur? Immediate thought about them seems to reveal that natural disasters are freaks of nature. It does not seem sensible to see weather running berserk. Rain, which has been helping nature in its cycle, suddenly sows havoc. There are floods; thousands of plants, animals and humans perish. It looks as if a usually kind and gentle person suddenly be.e violent and kills for sport. Natural disasters .e in many shapes and dimensions. Some natural disasters are easily predicted, others occur without warning. There are of course countless studies which show how natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, droughts and typhoons occur. Scientists who spend their lifetimes studying the phenomena are able to analyse the causes. By causes all that we really know is what leads to them. We know that there is a fire below the earth, that at certain points the fire bursts forth and we have a volcanic eruption. We even know that the fire is a leftover from the fire that first begun burning when the earth was formed. With a lot more study, scientists have even been able to predict the extent of a .ing volcanic eruption. There is even a way to say that an eruption is imminent. Without doubt, it is useful to know all this. In the countries where this kind of technology is available, lives can be saved through timely evacuation. What is so far not known is how the eruption can be prevented. Nature is just too powerful for any study to be possible in this area at least so far. The same can be said for the other types of disasters including: floods, typhoons and earthquakes. Research stops short of prevention. Meanwhile the slaughter continues. All of mans defences are too weak against nature. Perhaps it is natures way of telling us that we are still rather puny when .pared with the vast powers of nature. It is often speculated that natural disasters are natures way of keeping the human population in check. Perhaps this is too much to assume, but it cannot be dismissed straightaway. Are any of these disasters caused by man? Well, we can see that man is not the cause of volcanic disasters or earthquakes, but perhaps we do in some way cause weather-related disasters such as droughts, floods and typhoons. We all know that the weather is being affected by the clearing of forests on earth. This is within our control. Hence some disasters could be controlled. All we can do is hope that a day will .e when we can control all natural disasters. Till then we have to remain at the mercy of nature. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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