Peach 2 beautiful silhouette style interpretation of the quintessence of Chinese culture 9c8814

"Peach 2" beautiful silhouette style interpretation of the quintessence of novice card booking | peach 2 area lead: Peach origin, peach blossom spring! Large 2D turn MMORPG "peach 2" to the Tang Dynasty as the background, portrayed by the queen under the reign of Wu Zetian datangshengshi! In the game Grand View of the world, the story twists and turns touching story will take you into the world of Taoyuan, rich gameplay brilliant ancient costume, picture of the game and fresh Q adorable characters, presents a special style of Tang dynasty! "Peach 2" broke today a number of sexy beauty quintessence of paper-cut, quick to see it! "Peach 2" character collection [Taoyuan] to experience a different kind of sexy quintessence in the game, pretty cute glass, a glimpse of the whole face, the purple moon, they yishiduli style game player to leave a deep impression, and recently, "peach 2" female beauty in game player creative paper-cut projection method, interpretation the essence and the game goes sexy rhyme, classical culture show the most incisive! "Peach 2" beauty creative silhouette glass of this set of works of the game player girl said, this bold innovation, from the burst of inspiration to start creating, according to the "peach 2" character design concept, but also by the "peach 2" character set inspired by combination of classical and modern beauty, expression his love for the game and to salute the quintessence of art! "Peach 2" beauty "peach 2" creative silhouette whole beauty creative silhouette Jawol [new world] "Taoyuan dreaming the" peach 2 to Tang as the background, from the game environment, to play the story of the Tang Dynasty set up, ancient records and classical poetry and music of Tang culture, and strive to bring a sense of immersion Taoyuan Tang for the game player. In the process of playing the game, game player will experience the authentic culture of Tang Dynasty, to fully appreciate the local customs and practices of the Tang dynasty. "Peach 2" not only has the characteristics of their ambition to make thousands of game player the whole transaction economic system and the ultimate exquisite picture of the game, the new world invites you to explore Taoyuan datang! "Peach 2" beautiful scene of "peach 2" happy reunion [customs] reproduce the Tang Dynasty poetry and music in the game, his square Shaoling, a glimpse of the whole world, sword day Xiao, eight character characteristic, is set corresponding to the man, Mei, Ling, show, proud, brave, handsome, eight Xian Tang country children image characteristics. "Peach 2" is the occupation role and unbundling form, let the game player have more free space. "Peach 2" ambition square Shaoling   "peach 2" a glimpse of the whole "peach 2" face the purple month promote the quintessence of culture, reproduce the Tang Dynasty, "peach 2" bring you a taste of antique Taoyuan! More sexy beauty and you play, come and join them! This round, do yourself! The new round of 2DMMORPG free light "peach 2" official website address & > >.相关的主题文章:

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