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UnCategorized When preparing for the PHR or SPHR exam consider the following areas of focus which you should know before sitting for the exam. Traditionally, HR also is responsible for devising and implementing a .panies disciplinary procedures. Most systems provide sufficient time for employees to change their behavior or improve their performance before termination inevitable. Handle discipline problems progressively with oral warnings, written warnings, suspensions, transfers and demotions. Scrupulous documentation during the process will support the .panies actions should employees seek legal redress. .panies should also provide a counseling service for those who need it. A reasonable and .prehensive .pensation package is a challenge because of the many variables. Employees seek good salaries, but they also want flexible health insurance options and decent retirement benefits. .panies that satisfy their employees needs will be rewarded with loyalty and .mitment. When you hire, dont let your emotions get the best of you. The biggest mistake that hiring managers make is judging candidates based on their ability to give good interviews. They let feelings, biases, stereotypes and first impressions guide their decision-making. Instead, to recruit and hire the best people, set up a system based on knowing what the job entails. One such system is Power hiring, which suggests screening five basic .ponents: Performance profiles Use a job description, including duties and responsibilities, as your criteria instead of only assessing the candidates skills, experience and personality traits. To hire superior people, first define superior performance. Objective evaluations Use basic questions to assess an interviewees .petency accurately. Look at how well the person has performed in the past, since that is the best predictor of future performance. Wide-ranging sourcing Think of recruitment sourcing as marketing rather than as advertising, and broaden your scope. Recruit the best people for a job based on understanding the factors that would motivate top-notch candidates to want that particular job. Emotional control Dampen your natural tendency to rely too much on your intuition and emotions when you make a hiring decision. Personality is an important consideration, but depend on performance measures first. Recruit right Treat the job negotiation process as a consultative rather than a transactional approach to selling. Think of your role as career counseling, not selling, and let candidates sell you on themselves. Focus on hiring people who are both .petent and motivated to do the work. Put these elements together to find and hire superior people. Managers may unknowingly give negative consequences to employees who are doing great. Giving your fastest, most accurate keyboarder the most difficult, high priority job may seem logical, but what consequence does the worker get? Is more work a negative consequence? Should you also give your best worker a note of appreciation or an afternoon off? Praise and recognition are powerful, positive reinforcements. Yet, managers regularly miss opportunities to reinforce employees behaviors with praise, though it is free and easy. Dont reserve your approval for special occasions. Genuine praise true, timely, specific even for an achievement that is just part of the employees normal job, can make poor performers into good ones and good performers into great ones. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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