Policy changes in the use of new energy vehicles, consumers are only concerned about the hand – Sohu remonstrate

The policy change of new energy vehicle usage, consumers are only interested in hand price – Sohu car in an instant, from 2014 this year — the outbreak of new energy vehicles have changed over the past two years. Two years, the new energy vehicles have accumulated a large number of users. Are you curious about how these people buy new energy vehicles is the use of new energy vehicles? How much is the charging frequency? Where do you like to charge? What is the mileage per day?…… The day before, "in new energy vehicles – big data applications and Consumer Behavior Seminar" held in Shanghai Jiading automotive innovation port, Shanghai new energy automotive public data collection and Testing Research Center (EVDATA), Tsinghua University, Tongji University and other units based on new energy vehicles running in the background data, and a large number of consumer survey data, released a new energy automotive consumer behavior of the latest research report. That big data can speak, then from these data, we can read what information? What new policy: changing consumer habits according to the provisions of the successful charge of Shanghai Municipal Commission by letter of introduction, from 2015 onwards, consumers to buy new energy vehicles must provide charging installation that can free Shanghai brand. One of the provisions, the market has raged, the policy also repeatedly rebuffed in the implementation process: consumers generally reflect that there is no fixed parking spaces, and the property with low degree. Nevertheless, the research report shows that this policy has been gradually implemented, and for the change in consumer spending habits really effective. Under the guidance of the government, Shanghai private charging pile construction is accelerating. 2013, Shanghai private charging pile is only more than 1 thousand; since the implementation of the policy, as of the end of 2015, Shanghai has built a total of about 16 private charging pile. The increase in private charging pile to allow consumers to change the charging habits. Tongji University survey data show that in the absence of government guidance, private charging pile less cases, in 2014, the user in the evening (19: 00 – the next day: 7: 00) charge ratio of less than. The latest survey data show EVDATA, now at 10 in the evening to the next morning, 6: 00 charging ratio has increased to 35%, and 10 in the evening has become the peak of charging users, charging ratio is higher than 20%, better use of the trough charging, greatly reducing the national grid load. There are private piles, charging time, the new energy vehicle electric drive mileage naturally more. Tsinghua University research data show that in 2014, Shanghai’s new energy vehicles driving all the mileage, only 45.8% of the use of pure electric drive; since the implementation of the policy in 2015, this figure increased to nearly 70%. This also means that consumers use new energy vehicles season oil effect is more obvious, travel is also more environmentally friendly, buy plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is still only use the oil without electricity significantly reduced. These results, it is the original intention of the government introduced this policy. "It’s interesting to see that these changes can be found in the data.相关的主题文章:

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