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News-and-Society A close friend of mine, Irina, had almost married into the mafia. Honest to god. She met and started dating this guy named Tony, and everyone joked around about his last name secretly being Soprano. It was close enough, Sotorino, and Tony laughed at all this good-naturedly. Tony did ride around in dark limos, dressed extravagantly and always carried a lot of cash. Sometimes, the similarities to a stereotypical mafia hit man became too many and close for comfort, and we really questioned his background and sources of income. Yet, he treated Irina like a goddess, so who were we to pry? One day, four months into the courtship, Irina came home all excited because Tony proposed. Who could blame her? You should have seen that rock! That was when I could no longer keep my doubts to myself and pressured my friend to learn more about her fiance and his family before marrying into it all. I’ll tell you one thing: had it not been for a reverse phone lookup , who knows where Irina would be now. I am so glad I talked her into investigating Tony and his family! They really were the famous Bensonhurst Sotorinos, the Sicilian crime family of New York! One could just tell, because the online report we got contained Tony’s full name, age, address, business information, names of relatives, criminal history, and so many other little details, that we pieced together a full portrait of this individual and his infamous clan. And what a portrait it was! They’ve all been in and out of jail for this or that offense every couple of years or so, and one of them was currently on trial for murder. My friend Irina couldn’t say enough about how the reverse phone lookup saved her life. She also couldn’t skip town fast enough. She tearfully and regretfully (I’m certain it was genuine, too.) returned Tony’s ring telling him she must immediately return to Russia, to her dying mother’s side. That’s how my friend avoided almost becoming known as the mafia wife Irina Sotorino. Saved by the bell, as they say, or in this case – a reverse phone lookup . About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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