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Sichuan Fine Art Institute for domestic grandfather recruited 54 doctors, Chongqing human resources and Social Security Bureau website screenshot. Hualong network November 2nd news (reporter She Zhenfang) at 17:53 today (2) days, the reporter learned from the Chongqing human IESS, Sichuan Fine Art Institute at home and abroad for the open recruitment of 54 doctors, recruitment information to June 30, 2017, the deadline for the first phase of December 30th. It is understood that the 54 doctor of Sichuan Fine Art Institute open recruitment, the recruitment of domestic and foreign, who meet the entry conditions, personnel recruitment requirements can be. The recruiting department including Chinese painting department, the Department of oil painting, printmaking, sculpture, art education department, Department of fine arts, architectural art, new media art department, School of design and art, public art college, television animation school, handmade art college, teaching department, Department of Ideological and political theory and Contemporary visual art research center the 15 departments, with overseas experience preferred professional under the same conditions. The requirements of doctoral students in 40 years and below, was born December 30, 1977 and beyond, vice senior titles and personnel can be relaxed to 45 years of age, was born December 30, 1972 and beyond. The special shortage talents or those who are especially outstanding can be appropriately relaxed after the approval by the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security. It is worth noting that the candidates can choose one or more of the recruitment of the registration, according to the priority choice of post competition, schools can conduct post according to the actual situation for adjustment. The recruitment information is valid until June 30, 2017, and the deadline for the first phase is December 30, 2016. The assessment and proposed to identify candidates for divided into professional competence assessment and teaching, the professional competence assessment by school personnel, the academic committee of scientific research organization and school related disciplines of experts, through the reply form to apply for PhD creation, scientific research achievements of audit, review and score. The trial by the personnel department, office of academic affairs according to employ job requirements candidates for teaching practice. The office will conduct comprehensive review of the assessment of candidates through the school academic experience, teaching ability and the level of scientific research and creation, research into the candidates to determine.

四川美术学院面向国内外公招54名博士 重庆市人力社保局网站截图。   华龙网11月2日17时53分讯(记者 佘振芳)今(2)日,记者从重庆市人力社保局获悉,四川美术学院面向国内外公开招聘博士54名,招聘信息至2017年6月30日有效,第一阶段截止时间为12月30日。   据了解,四川美术学院公开招聘博士54名,此次招聘面向国内外,凡是符合招聘岗位要求条件的博士人员均可报名。招聘部门包括中国画系、油画系、版画系、雕塑系、美术教育系、美术学系、建筑艺术系、新媒体艺术系、设计艺术学院、公共艺术学院、影视动画学院、手工艺术学院、公共课教学部、思政部和当代视觉艺术研究中心共15个部门,部分专业同等条件下具有海外留学经历者优先。   其中,要求博士研究生在40周岁及以下,即1977年12月30日及以后出生,副高级及以上职称人员可放宽到45周岁,即1972年12月30日及以后出生。特殊紧缺人才或者特别优秀者,经市人力资源和社会保障局认定同意后,可适当放宽年龄。   值得注意的是,应聘人员可以选择本次招聘岗位中的一个或多个进行报名,按选择岗位优先顺序竞争,学校可根据应聘情况结合实际进行岗位调剂。   此招聘信息至2017年6月30日有效,第一阶段截止时间为2016年12月30日。   本次考核及拟进人选确定分为专业能力考核和试讲,其中专业能力考核由学校人事处、科研处组织学校学术委员会和相关学科专业专家,通过现场答辩形式对应聘博士创作、科研成果进行审核、评议和评分。试讲由人事处、教务处根据拟聘用岗位要求组织应聘人员进行教学试讲。校长办公会对通过学校考核的应聘人员学术经历、教学能力、创作科研水平等等方面进行综合评议,研究确定拟进人选。相关的主题文章:

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