Smoking Cessation – 10 Steps To A smoke-free

UnCategorized It’s no secret that cigarette smoking is a deadly habit and that countless people suffer respiratory diseases as well as other ailments because of smoking. Furthermore, smoking also causes bad breath, coughing, and stained teeth – hardly things to impress people. As such, it’s understandable that many people want to take smoking cessation steps and live healthier lives. Maybe you are one such person and are in the middle of a battle to kick the habit? Maybe you’ve even tried using a stop smoking drug and are wondering if there are other ways to quit smoking Well, look no further. We’ve complied 10 ways to quit smoking, TEN TIPS that that you can practice as quit smoking aids. True, there’s no easy way to quit smoking but there are many things to do to combat the addiction and you will do well to at least try some, if not all of the following tips. Smoking Cessation Tip 1 – Decide to Quit. Wanting to quit is different from actually making a decision to quit. Declare it! Write a potential date for when you are going to quit, remind yourself that you have made up your mind about it. It all starts with a decision. The other ways to quit smoking will then come easier. Smoking Cessation Tip 2 – Slow Things Down. Smokers usually whip out their cigarettes the momen tthey feel the urge. The next time you want to smoke, slow yourself down and delay the process. Is there anything you can do instead of lighting up that very instant? Think of other things to engage in and leave your cigarettes alone for a while. This will help quit smoking. Smoking Cessation Tip 3 – Get Rid of the #$%#$% Stuff! Once you’ve practiced delaying the urge to light up, we suggest you quit smoking cold turkey. That’s right; just throw your cigarettes away. This will be drastic but it is a must. Get rid of your cigarettes. Throw away your ashtrays. Discard your lighters. This is one of the most important ways to quit smoking. Smoking Cessation Tip 4 – Shake Things Up. Rearrange your schedule so that your habits will loosen too. Eat at slightly different times of the day, switch your furniture around, and make your home different to what it was before. The mental effect is that you will acknowledge change, i.e., that things are different and you are no longer tied to the past. Smoking Cessation Tip 5 – Distract Yourself. The urge to smoke will still be strong, perhaps even stronger during this period. So whenever you fell like smoking, distract yourself with something – a movie, some gardening, a pet project, a jogging session. Just physically do something that will take your mind off the urge and onto something else. Smoking Cessation Tip 6 – Carry Cigarette Alternatives. You might want to arm yourself with candy, chewing gum, or even a toothpick. Whenever the urge to light up strikes, shove some candy into your mouth and start chewing instead of smoking. Smoking Cessation Tip 7 – Celebrate Your Daily Victories. If you get through a day without smoking, reward yourself with something – a favorite meal, a trip to the theater, a new book, a visit to the spa. It doesn’t have to be huge, just make sure you acknowledge your efforts with a prize. Smoking Cessation Tip 8 – Bleach Your Stained Teeth. Bleach your teeth and rid yourself of the discoloration that comes from smoking. A stained tooth is not nice to look at; imagine if all your teeth are just as ugly? This is another way to affirm your commitment to stop smoking. With tooth whitening, your smile will be better, your breath more fresh, your looks more appealing. Plus, you’ll be conscious of your teeth’s renewed pleasing look, making you think twice of smoking and discoloring them again. Smoking Cessation Tip 9 – Think Positively. Don’t think of what you’re denying yourself but focus on all the good things that are happening because you are quitting: better breath, better teeth, and better health. Think about the effects of quitting smoking to your friends and family too! Smoking Cessation Tip 10 – Don’t Give Up! It’s common for quitting smokers to lapse again and again back into smoking. If this happens to you, the key is to not give up. Continue with your smoking cessation steps and take stop smoking medication if necessary. You’re not expected to get it right the first time. If you fail and smoke a cigarette, don’t beat yourself up. Try it again. Continue to quit for as long as it takes. Good luck! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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