Societe Generale Investment Gold bottom rebound, short-term risk of partial

Societe Generale Investment: Gold bottom rebound, short-term risk shocks, gold Monday international bottom recovery, basic flat below 1330 dollars ounce tight below. Most of Monday, gold was under pressure by hawkish comments from the Fed’s two dovish votes on Friday, and touched a week and a half low of $1320.45 ounce. Newcastle midday, governor of the Federal Reserve Renard published dovish remarks, weighed on the dollar fell, gold, low rise and recover all decline earlier in the day. Brainard said that although the economy has made progress, but the employment market improved to boost inflation is limited, the Federal Reserve should be cautious, should not raise interest rates too soon. Brainard’s speech has maintained its previous hardcore dovish stance, and as a close ally of Yellen, chairman of the Fed’s September meeting " " before the last period; silence; an official speech, Renard dismissed the possibility of the fed to raise interest rates in the short term. Therefore, in the case of the hawks and doves within the Federal Reserve still in disagreement, the possibility of continued strengthening of the dollar before the September resolution is not large, and gold may maintain volatility or rebound slightly in the short term. Today, U.S. data is still scarce, investors are concerned about the dollar and the stock market performance. Technically, the daily chart of gold overnight under the long shadow. After the 20 day moving average remained at the top of a narrow range of fluctuation, slightly rebound, the initial resistance focus on the 50 day moving average (around 1335), will ease the downward pressure on the break. Key resistance: 133513401345 key support: 132713221316 today recommended: go high rebound quickly after dropping 1320 hour chart support, MA5 is expected to bring 10 MACD continues to rebound kinetic energy; the 4 hour chart of gold has signs of stabilizing, but in the absence of news guidelines under the condition of short line may continue to be in the 1320-1335 rangebound. In the day of operation, it is recommended that the prudent wait and see for a while, the radical in the 1327 line of light warehouse to do more, stop loss under 1322, target 1335, breakthrough follow-up look to 1340, further 1345.   silver by the same factors, the international spot silver on Monday also bottomed back, to close at $19.15 ounce line, the lowest intraday touch of $18.70 ounce nearly two weeks low. With another week of the Fed’s September monetary policy meeting, the blockbuster data (including retail sales and CPI in August) this week will greatly affect investors’ confidence in the Fed’s action, and investors need to focus on it. Today, however, there is a lack of information about Europe and a range of data from europe. Technically, the daily chart of silver rebounded after dropping 100 day moving average support, recorded the hammer line, short-term decline in material ease, and is likely to rebound higher. Key resistance: 19.40, 19.50, 19.60, key support: 19.15, 19.05, 18.95, today’s recommendations: hourly chart from the overnight low concussion higher, the momentum of short-term rebound still exists; 4 hours map low included morning star combination form, continue to rise, above the theory 兴业投资:黄金探底回升 短期风险偏震荡   黄金   周一国际探底回升,基本收平在1330美元 盎司紧下方。周一大部分时段,黄金在上周五美联储两位鸽派票委的鹰派言论打压下承压走低,并触及1320.45美元 盎司的一周半低点。纽市午盘,美联储理事布雷纳德发表鸽派言论,打压美元下跌,黄金自日低回升并收复当天稍早所有跌幅。布雷纳德表示,虽然经济取得进步,但就业市场改善对通胀提振有限,美联储应该谨慎,不应该过快加息。布雷纳德此番讲话维持了其以往的铁杆鸽派立场,并且作为主席耶伦的亲密盟友、美联储9月会议"噤声期"前最后一位官员讲话,布雷纳德打消了美联储短期内升息的可能性。因此,在美联储内部鹰鸽两派依然分歧的情况下,9月决议前美元持续走强的可能性不大,黄金短期内有可能维持震荡或小幅反弹。今日美国数据依然缺乏,投资者关注美元和股市表现。   技术面,日图黄金隔夜长下影线刺穿20日均线后目前维持在该位上方窄幅波动,略反弹,初步阻力关注50日均线(1335附近),上破将缓解下行压力。   关键阻力:1335 1340 1345   关键支持:1327 1322 1316   今日建议:   小时图下探1320支持后快速反弹走高,MA5 10金叉有望带来继续反弹动能;4小时图金价有持稳迹象,但在缺乏消息面指引的情况下,短线可能继续处于1320-1335区间震荡。日内操作上建议稳健者暂时观望,激进者在1327一线轻仓做多,止损设于1322之下,目标1335,突破跟进看向1340,进一步1345。     白银   受同样因素影响,周一国际现货白银也探底回升,收于19.15美元 盎司一线,盘中最低触及18.70美元 盎司的近两周低位。由于美联储还有一周将将召开9月货币政策会议,在此之前,美国本周出炉的重磅数据(包括8月零售销售和CPI等)将极大影响投资者对美联储此次会议是否行动的信心,投资者需重点关注。不过,今日美国消息面缺乏,关注欧洲一系列数据。   技术面,日图白银下探100日均线支持后反弹,录得锤头线,短期跌势料缓和,并有可能重新反弹走高。   关键阻力:19.40 19.50 19.60   关键支持:19.15 19.05 18.95   今日建议:   小时图自隔夜低点震荡走高,超短线反弹势头仍存;4小时图低位收录早晨之星组合形态后持续走高,上方阻力指向MA50 20交汇处(19.40附近),关注能否有效上破。日内操作上倾向在19.15一线轻仓做多,止损设于19.05之下,目标看向19.40,并根据该位表现决定进步操作方向。     铜   周一铜震荡走高,至2.10上方。亚洲股市重挫一度拖累铜价急跌下探近三个月低位2.064,但随后很快反弹,特别是因为美联储理事布雷纳德的鸽派言论,缓解有关美联储有关最快下周就升息的忧虑。然而,由于投资者不愿意在下周美联储会议前大举建仓,铜价整体升幅有限。今日亚市盘中公布的中国8月零售销售同比回升至10.6%,工业生产同比增幅持稳在6%,但铜价并不买账,自隔夜高点小幅回撤。稍后继续关其他大宗商品和美元表现。   技术面,日图铜价下探近三个月新低后反弹走高,但整体仍未摆脱8月底重挫后的震荡区间,向上突破前进一步上行空间或有限。   关键阻力:2.110 2.127 2.135   关键支持:2.088 2.080 2.069   今日建议:   小时图迅速走强至2.10上方后形成V型反转,但高位多根长上影线暗示上行阻力强劲,短线面临调整需求;4小时图小幅脱离隔夜高点,只有上破2.110一线阻力才能扩大反弹步伐。日内操作上建议2.088一线做多,止损设于2.080之下,目标指向2.110,并根据该位表现决定进一步操作方向。       兴业投资(英国)祝您生活愉快!   2016-9-13 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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