The 10 autumn weight-loss weight-loss juice slim you don’t stop kimi wo omou melodi

The 10 autumn weight-loss weight-loss juice make you thin non-stop lead: know what? Drink juice can also lose weight. And autumn is the peak of drinking fruit juice, is also the best time to lose weight. However, not all fruit juice drink can lose weight, and some may lead to obesity. So, what juice drink can lose weight? (source: pretty woman net weight) cucumber apple lemon juice ingredients: 4 small cucumber, half apple, lemon juice 10ML, crystal sugar. Practice: 1 wash the apple peel, cut in half, cut into pieces. 2 small cucumber wash, cut into small pieces, into the fruit juice machine into the apple block, lemon juice into the juice into the cup. 3 adding the right amount of sugar and mix thoroughly drinking cup. Efficacy: cucumber is rich in water and vitamin C, a refreshing thirst, help digestion and cholesterol lowering effect, and to beautify the skin, also can inhibit carbohydrate into fat, so as to achieve good slimming effect. Watermelon milk juice material: watermelon meat 125 grams, low-fat milk 240ML. Practice: 1 watermelon cut into small pieces, into the juice machine. 2 then add other materials and the amount of water into the juice can be. Efficacy: watermelon diuretic cellulite, eliminate the accumulation of abdominal fat, improve the bloated body, is yearning for a flat belly MM favourite. Material: papaya milk juice 2 cups of milk, papaya 80 grams, amount of crystal sugar, ice amount. Practice: 1 papaya peeled and seeded, cut into small pieces. 2 put all the ingredients into a blender and puree, add seasonings and mix thoroughly into the cup. Effects: papaya a thirst, greasy, bowel help digestion and other effects, add milk can beautify the skin, remove constipation, promote weight loss. Kiwi lemon juice material: Kiwi 2, lemon juice, 50 ml, ice amount. Practice: 1 Wash kiwi fruit, peeled, cut into small pieces of spare. 2 will be put into the fruit juice machine, add lemon juice, ice stir evenly, you can pour into the cup. Efficacy: kiwi fruit is rich in vitamins and fiber, so it is a low-fat fruit, slimming beauty is very useful. In addition, lemon is a fruit rich in vitamins, as well as lemon contains more citric acid. This acid can promote the secretion of gastric juice to help digestion, promote the metabolism of calories, is to lose weight jiapin. Celery watermelon juice material: celery, watermelon, honey. Practice: 1 wash the celery, and then juice, peeled and seeded apple juice. 2 mix the two kinds of juice together, add a little honey. Efficacy: celery can reduce blood fat, watermelon also has very good diuretic cellulite. It contains rich cellulose and water in the fruit juice, can effectively eliminate edema, bowel poison, so as to achieve the slimming effect. Pineapple papaya juice materials: 13 pineapple, papaya, carrots, 1, lemon, the amount of ice, 12. Practices:.相关的主题文章:

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