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.puters-and-Technology Smart phones are provided with a special feature known as accelerometer. Before discussing how it functions in Smart phones, it is important to know what exactly an accelerometer is. It is a device that is attached to a particular object in order to measure the speed of movement in that object. In Smart phones, this device is used to detect slight differences in the orientation of the phone, making it ideal for sensing vibrations from the earth. It is capable of differentiating between up and down, which causes the change in the orientation of the phone screen with regard to the way it is turned by the users. It is with the help of this small device present in Smart phones that the Earthquake Detector app works. Among all the natural disasters, while hurricanes, floods and tornados give some level of warning before attacking, earthquakes arrive at the most unexpected and unannounced hours. Keeping in mind the great deal of destruction it has caused to several parts of the world at different times, it has been a sincere and long-time target of seismologists to detect earthquakes. Seismology is the study of earthquake, which is nothing but an unexpected and abrupt flow of energy, similar somewhat to an explosion. This sudden energy release causes waves around the area that are called seismic waves. These waves can either result in slight tremors or disastrous damages depending on the level of energy released. The Earthquake Detection app in a Smartphone is capable of detecting the vibrations brought about by these seismic waves, and also transfers the received data quickly owing to its constant connectivity to the inter.. This technology makes Smartphone a node in a major seismic detection .work, which enables scientists to obtain important data, helping them immensely to understand and detect earthquakes. The phone is enabled to identify the P-waves or primary waves during an earthquake that tend to have a faster movement than S-waves or secondary waves. Researches have successfully shown that the MEMS accelerometers present in a Smartphone can efficiently detect the motion of a moderate to strong earthquake with a magnitude of around 5 on the Richter scale, and especially when the accelerometer is present around the epicenter of the earthquake. Minor earthquakes are not so easily detected on Smart phones owing to the accelerometers inability to adequately distinguish between the vibration caused by the slight tremor of an earthquake and the jerking of everyday life. According to researchers it is an excellent idea to take advantage of the presence of the density of iPhones in urban areas that are prone to quakes to enhance the collection of strong motion data that would help scientists immensely to recognize and identify strong earthquakes. Moreover, even apart from understanding the entire process through which earthquakes strike, it would also help in taking necessary measures for the re-allocation and protection of the people and properties of that area. If nothing more, it can at least allow staying better equipped and prepared to fight the ravages caused by a severe earthquake. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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