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Interior-Decorating In fact, interior design interior design  Outside the industry is extremely popular saying "no shortage of wealthy people, just lack of good house." Mo famous thinker of ancient China wisdom says – "clothing will always warm, and then seek Li, ranking will be very safe, and then find music", points to many recent home buyers, especially the voices of luxury home buyers. Development of human society, both material and technical, or cultural, are of historical continuity, in particular, pay attention to the organic unity and sustainable development, for the interior design, the living of life, tourism, rest and culture, entertainment and other types of indoor environment, so the rise of a wave in the country and Chinese style interior design and decoration. And its elements are the main decoration, such as painting, calligraphy and design of the Ming and Qing furniture, Chinese constitute the most important element. A "simple but also good", say many owners of home furnishings for interior design basic requirements, but "simple" is what you think, very simple to the use of color, regardless of walls, furniture or the furnishings are in white, but use of wallpaper, floor tiles pattern, with gorgeous crystal lights, so the coexistence of simple and extravagance, the effect is amazing. Trendy nostalgic, fashion, interior decoration design love to spend Old School, even the food are the same to be returned to the classic. Aesthetic point of view, Interior Design  Schools and school building design is largely the same, in the form of methods and performance, there are many similarities. Beginning of this century the last century there have not called quiet gentle style of interior design and decoration. It is basically based on the wallpaper as the main decorative surfaces, .bined with contaminated carpentry practice. This style emphasizes the proportion and color harmony. People will start on the part of a wall and ceiling the same color, while the wall using a wallpaper with a subtle texture. Modern interior design has a fundamental point of view, is the indoor environment in the creation of high priority scientific, artistic attention, and their .bination. Development from the architecture and interior history, innovative new style of the rise, always, and adapt to the development of social productive forces. In addition to the design concepts need to be further established and, in the design methods and means of expression, etc., are also increasingly attention. On the one hand need to pay full attention to science, on the other hand need to pay full attention to art, the focus on material and technical means at the same time, attaches great importance to the principle of architectural aesthetics, attention to creating expressive and appeal of the interior space and image, creating a visual pleasure and cultural context of the indoor environment. So in the 20th century to the mid-90s began to appear bold and generous as the direction of Interior Design  And decoration style, and this style is characterized by cherry wood finishes as the main. Because people began to pursue a variety of design methods, including modernism, postmodernism and a series of more .prehensive design system formed in the interior design. People talk about the decoration, these "isms" frequently appear in the mouth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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