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The G20 summit in Hangzhou on eye-catching B20, Chinese enterprises must rely on talent – Finance – B20 summit in Hangzhou opening 3, Chinese enterprises involved in the number and extent of eye-catching performance. According to the disclosure, in addition to the debut, as many as 156 home Chinese enterprises to participate in the discussion of policy recommendations, accounted for 30% of the total number of members; China leading eWTP, G20, wisdom innovation initiative proposed to strengthen infrastructure interoperability, improve the policy environment of global investment initiatives are widely supported by international business circles the summit, marked with the imprint of Chinese. In the previous B20 stage, China enterprise participation is not so high. In contrast, this change is still home court advantage, but more in recent years, with the gradual rise of Chinese enterprises to participate in global economic activities, economic governance more and more, more and more in-depth. With the growth of China’s influence, Chinese companies are also frequent interaction with the world, and in some areas to become the leader in reform and innovation. From the previous "theatre tickets" to today’s "on stage singing, Chinese enterprise influence has been affirmed and recognized more widely. The wisdom of their rise, but also to the world’s desire to use the Chinese key to open the new path of the global economy. Of course, China enterprises eye-catching, does not mean "or China to maximize the benefits of What I say goes.". For nearly three years, to build a "The Belt and Road", "Chinese investment bank" are popular, clarify the mutual benefit and win-win cooperation advocated One principle runs through it all. Chinese. This B20 is also open and transparent in the principle of inclusion, with a wide range of international participation, the general support of its policy recommendations to obtain the report, but also reflects the expectations of all parties, in line with the interests of the multi support. Chinese enterprises is not a flash in the pan. B20 after the end of the Hangzhou summit, the global business community consensus policy recommendations will not terminate with the transfer of the right to host B20. The enterprise is an important force in the optimization of economic governance, the previous B20 summit policy recommendations have been more G20 absorption and adoption; some forward-looking recommendations, repeated discussion also promoted bud in the salutary influence of education. In the future, I believe that Chinese enterprises will be more and more involved in a similar international arena, in order to contribute to the development of the global economy, China’s wisdom. (commissioning editor Li Haixia and Lv Qian)相关的主题文章:

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