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Mobile-Cell-Phone There are many great quality smartphones that get overlooked thanks to the media attention that surrounds more illustrious models such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the iPhone 4. One such model is the HTC Wildfire S, a smartphone pitched at the more budget end of the market but one that still boasts some great functionality. This phone not only looks superb but boasts some great sharing facilities that rival many of the more premium phones. It is these features that I want to look at in a little more depth here. The number of applications available on the Android platform is growing at a very fast rate. The Wildfire S gives you the ability to share your favourite apps with your friends and family. If you have discovered a game that you think is addictive or a utility that is very useful then rather than showing your friends you can send the application directly to their handset. This is one of the reasons why the Android Marketplace is growing at such a fast rate and is set to overtake the iTunes App store in the not to distant future. The theme of sharing is one that runs through every area of the Wildfire S and this is especially apparent on the devices camera facility. The phone is capable of capturing an image in a resolution of 5 million pixels. Once you have taken your photograph you can tag your friends and upload the picture quickly to a social networking site such as Facebook and Twitter enabling all of your friends to see your image. The handsets excellent connectivity options makes the uploading of such material very simple with the likes of WiFi, 3G and EDGE all present. The HTC Wildfire S incorporates two great connection options for sharing material locally. The micro USB port that is present on the phone is ideal for transferring photographs and video you have taken on the phone onto a .puter or a laptop. Likewise the same connection is used for moving music files files from your PC onto your phone. For wireless transfer the device incorporates Bluetooth technology which enables the data to be exchanged without wires between two .patible devices. The uses for this can range from sending a photograph to a friends handset to synchronising your phone with an in car entertainment system. The Wildfire S uses version 3.0 of Bluetooth which incorporates both FTP and OPP which help the simple transfer of files and data. The HTC Wildfire S if the perfect device if you are looking for a handset with great functionality but one that will not break the bank. A great range of connectivity features ensures the sharing of material is fast and efficient whilst the phone also incorporates some top quality multi media features. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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