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The map of the world and the three world time zone city watch watch home Sohu recommended – watches as a very practical complex functions of the watch industry recommended] world, in the era of globalization, more and more people sought after, various brands have also cast by tricks, "world", to dial within the central part of the map of the world is decorated with different styles, and then to dial decorated with 24 hours outside the scale and the 24 typical city zone, not only sell a good hand function, also sell a good hand feeling". Of course, due to the different brands, the world watches price is different from high to low, hundreds of thousands of high and low as long as tens of thousands of pieces, so there is always a style can meet your desires and acceptance. Today, we will guide you to watch home with a few such watches. Complex function Patek Philippe Chronograph series world watch model: 5131R-001 movement type: automatic case material: 18k rose gold watchband crocodile leather dial size: 39.5 mm depth: 30 meters waterproof table price: 496200 yuan watch details: watch comments: this watch is a classic series of the world. 18k rose gold case, Crocodile Leather Watchband, enamel dial design, no one does not use the finest material. Dial design especially to the world when the functions have a unique style, is unique, the map of the world in the middle of each continent profile is clearly visible, it "absorb" the entire world, cloisonne enamel design personalized double pointer when liberal and dignified, indeed recruit eye design. 24 hours time scale display, day and night decorated with color to distinguish between 12 and 24 points, respectively, using the sun and moon. The world time zone is represented by the time zone on behalf of the city. The 24 cities represent the time zone of the 24. Equipped with Cal.240 HU automatic winding mechanical movement, accurate and stable, power stored up to 48 hours, water depth of 30 meters, the other with interchangeable bottom cover. Jaeger Le Coulter Geophysical Observatory series world watch model: Q8108420 movement type: automatic case material: stainless steel watchband crocodile leather dial size: 41.6 mm depth: 50 meters waterproof table price: 114000 yuan watches wrist table details: comment: this watch uses the classic third pin design and geometry the scale dial, paint classic design, the realization of the unity of the dial on the map of the world and the time zone of the city, with modern aesthetic atmosphere thick, the professional world, with summer time function, very suitable for people to wear fashion. Stainless steel case, table diameter 41.6 mm, 11.84 mm thickness, moderate size, Crocodile Leather Watchband, folding clasp, easy to wear. Equipped with Jaeger Le Coulter homemade cal.772 automatic chain movement, back through the design, power reserves of up to 40 hours, screw into the bottom cover, water depth of up to 50 meters, good waterproof performance. MontBlanc He)相关的主题文章:

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