The new choice of four new car brands recommend MPV t6570

Domestic car new choice of four independent brand MPV recommendation Phoenix car guide: now with the two-child policy open, coupled with increased demand for people to travel by car, the car has been unable to meet the travel needs of people, and the 7 seat SUV slightly chicken ribs of the third row of seats and let many consumers headache. Naturally the entry-level MPV models gradually into our line of sight, the independent brand as the main entry MPV, is not responsible for our expectations introduced many good price models, here we recommend four independent MPV models. Jac refine M3 IKEA edition guidance price: 6.98-8.88 yuan Jianghuai as outstanding representatives of domestic MPV models, along with excellent price and good reputation in the domestic passenger car market occupies a space for one person, with IKEA refine M3 version of the listing, JAC on their own MPV product layout is complete. Refine M3 version of the IKEA as cash M3 upgrade models, the target population was extended to the vast market of household. Appearance, changed a lot compared to the current model refine M3 version of the IKEA M3 version of IKEA refine face, dress up a new grille, front face looks obviously more stylish. The front of the headlight lens design, and equipped with LED daytime driving lights. The front of the new form of a larger area, an increase of vision. Tail is still flat line, looks more regular. The interior, refine M3 IKEA version of the continuation of the current model design style, the new car uses a design with the ordinary version of the same M3 refine, double color in the control panel and the simple button layout to make it look more durable, not easily outdated. The whole is permeated with a simple warm home atmosphere. Configuration, the new car is equipped with the main passenger airbags, anti glare rearview mirror, rear independent air conditioning, 220V vehicle power supply +USB interface configuration. In addition, the new car to provide 2+2+3 seven and 2+3+3 block two in the form of consumer choice for the eight. Power, refine M3 version of the IKEA cash and cash models remain the same, refine M3 equipped with 1.6L and 2.0L two naturally aspirated engine, 1.6L maximum power 88kW, maximum torque of 150Nm; 2.0L maximum engine power 105kW, maximum torque of 180Nm. Transmission, the new car will match the 5 speed manual gearbox. The following 100 thousand independent MPV, M3 refine the power selection more rich and dynamic leading level model. Summary: refine M3 models as a beginning for entrepreneurs in the MPV is a very good models, but also does not have the appearance of household property, as the name of the same version of the IKEA home market more competitive. In addition to 2.0L dynamic models at the same level leading level, all is full of a JAC refine M3 competitiveness of independent MPV models. Bao Jun price: 6.08-8.98 million Yuan Bao Chun 730 is a typical MPV models, the function of body structure and design, use, and different mini bus to Wuling Hongguang as the representative, pay more attention to family and life.相关的主题文章:

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