The two train has concentrated the most fantastic winter, leading to the border and the Changbai Mou

The two train has concentrated the most fantastic winter, leading to the border and the Changbai Mountain tourism Sohu Lidong after the South began to cool, while the Northeast has begun when it started to snow. As part of the child, was not only a little bit of longing for this kind of city streets, cold and dream, just want to put their pack points minutes past. Feekr today to recommend two to a world of ice and snow snow country train, a bound for the country’s first to greet the sunrise of the border town, leading to a mysterious Changbai Mountain Tianchi feet; a green train civilian experience, one of the East Train level luxury enjoyment; a down to earth, a a holiday wind…… Here is the same, "snow country train" no movie that visual sense, but each frame is scenery large. Ice and snow in the world — K1227 to route the motherland east of the civilian route: K1227 Shenyang – Fuyuan (17:23, arrive at 13:50, 20 hours and 27 minutes): soft fare 488.8 yuan, 310.5 yuan hard site: Shenyang – Shenyang – Tieling – Kaiyuan North – Changtu – Siping – Gongzhuling – Changchun – Dehui – Fuyu – Harbin – Suihua – Qing’an – – – – Langxiang Tieli dailing – Wei – Ling Chen Ming Nancha – – – – – pandan Tangyuan lotus Jiangkou – Jiamusi – Fujin – Sanjiang Tun welfare exchange Xintian – Qianjin Hong River – – East River – two striker Hanconggou – Fuyuan K1227 train to China layout the easternmost, from Shenyang to Fuyuan, 1100 kilometers across the snowy plain, need to walk for more than and 22 hours, for local people, this is a "snow country train" Is the best way to the outside world. If you say Shenyang is not able to feel the breath of northeast snow, so the train will tell you that Changchun is white; and Harbin had a whole car door glass will bear a thick cream (and more North more serious); and Jiamusi, basically what you are see…… For K1227, walking distance from the point of view, Harbin actually completed half of the journey, but passengers will be significantly reduced. Continue to walk the easternmost motherland, will encounter many facilities simple station, the station staff will be responsible for watching the train through; occasionally, someone will see through the window to the scene, whenever this time had a turn back the clock to the wrong station departure feel sad and miss; good luck then, when the train passes through the countryside, people can see the sheep in the railway…… Those who had to stop the Shenyang station || long chattered every time provided the first station of northeast, always think of Shenyang, here is like opening a Book of history, whether it is now still Shengjing Fengtian, remains as the historical capital of the vicissitudes of life. You can go to see the the Imperial Palace in Shenyang, although less than Beijing, but with a royal style; to bully Sita, and Korean Korean gathered here, strong wind can go to South Korea; Tiexi 1905 Creative Cultural Park, a taste of the Northeast literature is not imagined in. Although there is no sense of sight in the streets of Harbin, but!相关的主题文章:

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