The Yellow River man while picking up the Jupiter was out of twenty thousand acquisition rejected-winsockfix

The Yellow River man while picking up the Jupiter is twenty thousand acquisition of rejected citizens in the Yellow River side picked up the "taisui". "I’m Sun Yewen respondents for map on the shore of the Yellow River picked up a" Taisui ", some people say it can value a house money." 5, the public Mr. Chen to the newspaper, he picked up a piece of "Lion", someone on the spot to buy 20 thousand yuan, was rejected by him. He did not know the true value with Jupiter, hope experts can help him identify what. 5 days of warmer weather, Chen decided to bring relatives and friends to play together in the Yellow River. About 2 in the afternoon, he and little nephew playing in the sand on the beach in the Yellow River, ready to go to the shore of a ship docked in the Yellow River ship to wash his hands in hands, Mr. Chen has a windfall: he picked up a 7 pound "taisui". "When I wash my hands, to see a lot of beautiful shape stone beside the pontoon, wanted to pick up a back, did not expect to pick up such a thing." Mr. Chen said, just pick it up when he does not know what is, feels not soft not hard, a bit like dry skin. He called his relatives and friends and asked everyone who had never seen him. Just then, a passing people yelling to say this is a "Jupiter", old." Mr. Chen said, after this call, the Yellow River beach suddenly raged like, more and more people come to watch, we talked about all sorts of gossip. Some say this is a fungus, not worth the money; some say this is a real "Jupiter", can the value of a house." Mr. Chen also do not know is true or false, but the heart is still quite happy. "Someone asked me for 20 thousand dollars on the spot, but I refused." Mr. Chen now put the Jupiter into his shop, with the global basin, he is going to take time to get something on the edge of the Yellow River and the Yellow River water sediment, reducing its original growth environment. "I also checked the Internet simple data," said Taisui "is a kind of cell, rich in amino acids, can enhance the immunity of the human body, its price is relatively rare, it is difficult to define." Mr. Chen said. "This thing smell no taste, whole looks like a cylinder, the middle fine point, two point, skin is rough, chapped like bark." Mr. Chen said he did not know the true value with Jupiter, if you can have an expert to help him identify what is good. "Jupiter" is a fungus "Taisui polymer" also known as "Ganoderma lucidum" growth in the ground, is a rare polymer composed of slime molds, bacteria and fungi of three kinds of bacteria. The role and efficacy about "Jupiter", has always been controversial in the field of biology. Although many books are written in the "Ganoderma lucidum" enhance human immunity, but the fungi species is very complex, even if it is really "Jupiter", may also be attached to a variety of harmful biological or toxic substances, in the absence of clear "composition Taisui" before, we do not recommend taking easily. The world’s scientists for fungus research is still very limited, exists in nature, including the myxobacteria fungi in 1 million 500 thousand ~200 million, only 5 of them in science.相关的主题文章:

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