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Those who make the difference between life of car washing error was longer – Sohu car since the Mid Autumn Festival, the weather turned cold, rain is this several days continuously underground stop. I believe that many owners are waiting for a few days after the sunny car wash, there will be a lot of car owners choose their own car wash. In fact, many car wash method is not correct or unscientific, but I do not know that there are a lot of knowledge. So what can you clean the car? How to clean will not hurt the car? Today the old driver taught you the car yourself mystery. Choose a special car wash car wash, many of our people are the most commonly used washing powder and detergent against the water, this approach is undoubtedly equivalent to suicide. The cleaning composition of washing powder in general for the long term effects of sulfonic acid, sulfonic acid paint, easily lead to paint white, lose their original luster. And most of the laundry detergent is alkaline, long-term use will accelerate the aging of rubber parts, tires, windows and so on. So the washing liquid must choose special when you wash the car, and the car washing liquid containing wax ingredients for the best. The pre washing procedure is very important the car usually certainly a lot of dust and sediment attached to the body, if the direct use of water flushing, with a sponge, wash down into a car to hit the sand". So this time the pre washing program is very important Oh, that is the special pre wash spray in the body with professional equipment, and wait for one or two minutes, after soaking, most of the sand can be separated from the paint, and then rinse with water gun, can avoid the risk of sand mud washing liquid, scratch the surface. Fine texture of the fabric of a special car wash a lot of car owners are free to take a piece of ordinary cloth from the home on the rush to wash the car, in fact, this approach is certainly not feasible. We still want to buy a thinner, more soft texture of the special car wash towel. Microfiber towel fiber density, strong adsorption capacity, and the service life is longer than ordinary towels, long after the water is still not deformed. Professional car wash should use high quality suede, not only can strong water absorption, quick drying, high softness, and not Diaomao crumbs. Choose the right car wash temperature do not start the car immediately after the car wash! In the car after a period of running, engine, chassis and the operating system are at high temperature, this time with cold water to wash the body, is tantamount to a strenuous exercise after people drink a lot of cold water, the irritation which can occur as can be imagined, burst. Even if not for a long time to clean the car, but if the body after a certain period of time in the sun, immediately with cold water washing, the aging characteristics of expansion and contraction are likely to cause the car paint. After a rainy day, some owners have to wash the car to see the rain, it mistakenly thought the rain washed his car. Do you not know that rain is acidic? Will hurt the car? In fact, the rainy day car is very fragile, because of rain on the body was covered with a layer of soil, the soil like fine sandpaper wrapped in the body, if there is friction, like sandpaper to grind paint. At the same time, if not as soon as possible to clean the surface of the car paint rain stains, will not only affect the appearance,!相关的主题文章:

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