Three major indicators of qualified sperm, fast to control! Sohu –

Three major indicators of qualified sperm, fast to control! Sohu – mother of a healthy male, semen volume one shot out at least 1.5 ml, gray sticky, exudes the smell. Men’s average number of ejaculation: 7200 times. The average number of masturbation ejaculation man life: 2000 times. Men’s average ejaculate weight: about 6 liters. Average ejaculation speed: 45 km (H) VS bus average speed: 40.2 km (per hour). Most of the components are not semen sperm, sperm semen accounted for only 5%, the remaining liquid before fluid, seminal vesicle fluid containing nutrients and ingredients, these ingredients can sperm swimming escort, so that they can successfully find eggs. For a healthy couple in the ovulation period of the same room, the union of sperm and egg% of fertilized eggs only 20%-25%. Therefore, the birth of any person can be said to be a miracle. Today, come to tell you the qualified sperm three gold index: the first index form: what is the normal morphology rate not less than 4% of normal sperm from the appearance, have a head, neck and a tail. Abnormal sperm may have two heads and two tails. Some sperm long head, small head, Cone of odd shape, pear shaped head, head, head, head, amorphous bubble head, the top body is too small (less than 40% head). Second indicators: more than 40% sperm activity sperm must move the tail to hard swing, straight tour to see the egg. So, if the sperm activity is low, unable to go forward, hit a circle or squirm in place, it is difficult to pass through the cervix of uterus, uterine cavity and fallopian tube to combine with the egg, resulting in low male fertility and sterility. Third index density: every time not less than 15 million normal men each ejaculation, semen volume of not less than 1.5ml, the sperm density in more than 20 million. The amount of semen that a man can discharge during his lifetime is about 6 liters. Frequent ejaculation does not increase the chances of pregnancy. Assume that someone has fifty million sperm, one day can be manufactured to the highest standard but if he shot two times a night, will play the best since the. So, when he was third times in the semen, completely without sperm. Thank you for your attention, to remind: only a Beijing family hospital, no branch! Please pay attention to more good [WeChat public number: Beijing Tianlun Sterility Hospital (bjtlbyby2) (- press copy)]相关的主题文章:

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