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Legal Lithuanian Government seeks to encourage businessmen and investors to country to enhance business expertise pool and improve investment scenario. Aspiring business men can easily avail opportunity to migrate through temporary residence permit and establish business in this fairly young economy. There are several venues in Business Category List In Lithuania where a businessman can relocate his investments in this old soviet republic. This business classification visa is offered to people as temporary permit, which is later converted into permanent permit on the fulfillment of certain criteria. There are numerous economy listed sectors offering lucrative investment venues under business visa program. Government also follows positive support economic policy to provide financial and fiscal assistance to migrant investors. Most prominent Business Classification List Of Lithuania economy sectors includes transportation and logistics. Lithuania is prime transport region that lies on crossroads of 2 most important corridors and their branches including the markets of the EU, Scandinavian region and Eastern Europe. Location factor is supported by an excellent infrastructure. This Baltic state has the only ice-free seaport with an immense cargo handling capacity. There are 4 international airports in this country with best motorable roads available in eastern Europe. A good infrastructure also fuels another excellent investment venue in energy sector. An investor has lot of opening in these industries. Lithuania has only oil refinery in the region. Country has also ample nuclear, co-generation, facilities. Lithuania has good electricity supply availability and abundant natural resources, which give it an immense advantage. An educated workforce and skilled labor has several benefits to offer in the BPO, Biotech and Information and .munication technology sector. Cheap labor costs and hurdle-free environment are the main attractions in these sectors. The nation has some of the well acknowledged Industrial sectors in Plastics – 3 huge facilities with enormous capacity Lasers – which are globally renowned Metal processing, machinery & electric equipment globally accepted and technologically advanced products Furniture & wood processing, textile & apparel are other profitable sectors which have a good established base in this country caters to diverse consumer based markets and the industrial sectors as well. Food industry is one of those industries in this country which is widely acknowledged. A multilingual and a diverse educated labor pool are of a great benefit in this sector. Real estate and the tourism sectors are rising rapidly and gaining importance in the Lithuanias Business Category List. Real estate is the biggest prospect in the Baltic and the eastern European region. Tourism is broadly untouched ecological nature, improvised countryside tourism network, there is a great demand for entertainment services also. About the Author: Abhinav immigration is the oldest and the most trusted immigration consultancy .pany engaged in providing global visa and worldwide immigration related services. Abhinav is accredited with several government bodies providing you legal and safe immigration to your dream nation. Abhinav Immigration keeps you updated on immigration news and articles and any changes to immigration system or policy. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:

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