Versantmusic Released Their First Official Ep Into The World On Itunes And Digital Store.-denka

Music What an exciting month we’ve had. We’ve released our first official EP into the world on Itunes and every other digital store you can imagine. It’s an incredible feeling for a band that’s taken quite some time before taking these major steps! We debuted at #54 for ALL genres on Itunes, and #15 for the itunes Alternative chart. We also hit the Billboard Heatseekers Chart at #40. Having accomplished this with no label, minimal press, and from the other side of the world unable to promote it…we are QUITE proud. We can’t thank all of YOU enough for supporti Swedish New Music Bandsng us this whole time. You are the reason we made these songs, as well as the reason we will continue to do so in the future. We love and thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts! We have released Quick Escapes as our first single. To celebrate, we would like to GIVE you the radio edit for free. Same song, shorter intro. Please to download your free copy! Hope you enjoy! In other news we’ve taken some tattoo photos for an upcoming issue of Scandinavian Tattoo Magazine. More details to come! Heartbeats is the infectious new document from a band poised to break out on the worldwide stage. Also, this Thurday, an interview with Carah and Daniel will air on Titan Internet Radio. We will be sure to provide more details on our ..facebook../versantmusic that day. This week we will be emailing the recipients of the limited 250 physical copies of the Heartbeats EP. We are asking that you respond as a verification of the number you recieved. This will also be a chance for you to let us know if there have been any .plications with your order! Lastly, in an unfortunate turn of events, our drummer, Richard Ankers, has decided to return to his previous band. We are already in the process of reviewing and reaching out to other drummers. As saddened as we are about his departure, NOTHING will stop or slow our progress. We are excited to spend the next few weeks getting to know some great new drummers, among other things. As always, with your continued support, we f.e forward. First in , then to the rest of the world. We can not wait till the time is right, and we are in everyone of your towns. If you enjoy our music, the greatest help you can be to us is helping us get the word out about our music. Any and all help will forever be cherished in our hearts! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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