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Want to buy a pair of camera phone? But these advantages and disadvantages you must see that I just entered Zhongguancun online four years ago, just contact to the field of mobile phone, is interested in photography when I get each product the first thing is to study its camera and camera. At that time, if the rear camera pixels 8 million, is a very difficult thing, which means it can be called a camera phone. A dual camera   these are you must dry cargo over the past four years, has become the industry standard of 13 million pixels, 23 million pixels high has It is often seen. From the beginning of last year, a new format – rear dual cameras are popular, even in this year under the flagship machine from the thousands of machines. So, what is the principle of dual cameras, dual camera imaging is better than a single lens, the development of the status quo of the two cameras, the latter is the development trend? In today’s article, I’m going to tell you about all the things you want to know. Question 1: can simply talk about the history of the development of mobile phones? When it comes to post double can not mention HTC, why? Open the phone is the era of double photography, creating a mobile phone double photo new era is also it. 2011 HTC released a called EVO  3D (also known as G17) of the intelligent machine, which rear two pixel camera, with the help of these two lenses with the screen can show a three-dimensional 3D image. However, this naked eye 3D effect is too bad, it is difficult for ordinary users to accept, and now it seems more like a conceptual test. The first rear dual camera phone -HTC  G17 three years later, HTC re launched the flagship HTC  One  M8, and hit the first shot and then focus on the idea. More of a lens designed to record spatial and depth information, the algorithm can achieve photo shoot again after the selection of the focus function. This is unique, at the time of HTC  One  M8 – also let the rear dual camera again into the people’s vision, more importantly, to the rear dual photo high practicability started by ordinary users to enjoy. The first "first shot and then focus double camera mobile phone -HTC  One  M8; (2014) the first" double color + black and white photo of our mobile phone ultimate -360 dual camera (2015) in 2015 360, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers launched our ultimate, it first uses a combination of a black and white color lens + transparent lens the. To all in black and white, CMOS enhanced picture detail information records, then Chengxiang information overlay and color CMOS to achieve high quality more than ever. This time, 360 for the post double photo adds a new feature, but also the first time to improve the quality of consumer awareness. The first "double focus double camera" mobile phone -LG  G5 (2016) released in 2016 LG  G5 is the use of a new dual camera.相关的主题文章:

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