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Spirituality Those people who date of birth are lies in between 23rd of July to 22nd of August must be happy to know that their Zodiac sign is Leo. As per the astrology horoscope it is predicted that the Leo sign is a fire sign and Sun is the ruling planet of Leo sign. So, the Leo birth people are generally chiefs or leaders. They are seen to be energetic, confident and enthusiastic. They are generally lucky and happy people. Leo born people have great and strong personality and also have a natural attraction to attract other strong personality people. They can adjust them self on any kind of job or work. Leo born people are manipulative at times and intelligent. Most importantly they are kind and generous. They carry good heart and never think about others ill. If we talk about their physical traits then generally they have large bones, good muscles and broad shoulders. As per the Leo horoscope they have thin waist, wavy hair and ruddy .plexion. They have tendency to baldness and loose hair in old age. Leo people rules following body parts: spinal column, heart, aorta and coronaries. White, all shades of yellow and orange color suits them a lot. They are generally warm hearted but fearless too. Leo relationship and Love: The people who are born under Leo zodiac sign are very much bright indeed. But Leo people are generally feel lonely and isolated in life. Their relationships with other people are sincere, trusting, open and unadulterated. They always listen their hearts so sometimes this lead to the wrong judgment. They trust too much to their followers. But it is important to note that due to their charisma they may have affair with many partners but even then they are generous and sincere with their partner. Leo professional life: Leo born people are lucky in terms of money making. They have the capability of inspiring the people due to their leading personality. Along with these they have the great independent spirit. Most importantly once they put their mind on some purpose, position or plan they will do everything to get success even there is obstacle to difficulties. According to the history of astrology horoscope most of the top leader are Leo born for example the great Napoleon. They are ambitious and full of enthusiasm. Leo health: as per the Leo horoscope, Leo born people need more sleep as .pare to other. Generally they overuse their brains so there are more chances of headache and need to take care of their eyes. They could face the problem of fever, back pain, eye problems, ribs injury, spinal or cardiac problem. So, that was all basic about the Leo horoscope. If you keen to know more you can log in to My horoscope astrology. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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