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Health When a person is diagnosed with yeast intolerance, they may develop the misconception that foods like cake and breads are .pletely off limits. Simple changes in ingredients can be made to produce tasty a wheat free cake in order for someone who is intolerant to wheat to still enjoy their fair share of desserts and breads. These days there are flour substitutes that can be used in a cake recipe and are free of wheat. Millet, sorghum, amaranth, oat, and rice are some of the many wheat flour substitutes superior to wheat in their nutritive qualities as well. Millet is the most easily digested grain available and the least allergenic. It is a good source of silica and protein. Millet flour can be used for baking. Rice is also a low allergenic product introduced early in an infant’s diet because it is easily digested. Sorghum and amaranth are both cereal grains that can be ground to produce flour that used in baking. Amaranth contains a wonderfully rich source of calcium and is also high in magnesium and silica. The amaranth grain has been hugely used in Mexico to prevent malnutrition. While there are a lot of substitutes to wheat in your cake recipes, some caution needs to be observed when choosing. There are some flours that you should stay away from. Read labels carefully. Brown, bulgur, cake, granary, durum, plain and self-rising flours should all be avoided. Even though not specifically mentioned, they do contain wheat. Semolina, whole meal flour, triticale, sauce flour, kamut, spelt, and graham flour should all be avoided as well. But, someone who is wheat intolerant may be able to eat rye and barley due to the fact that the main culprit in their intolerance is wheat. If however, a person is both wheat intolerant and needs gluten free bread, it is important to understand the difference between gluten intolerance and wheat intolerance. Gluten is a type of protein found in rye, barley and wheat. People who are gluten intolerant can’t eat anything that has gluten in it. You should also check out the gluten free muffin recipes, another tasty creation. There is no avoiding the fact that some foods, like breads, will taste differently then those that are made with wheat flour substitutes. The texture of such foods will also be different because the gluten binds the dough and helps the bread to rise. There is a vegan gluten free cake recipe that really tastes quite good. Using a wheat free bread recipe may not be difficult but where can these different kinds of flour be purchased? Many of the wheat flour substitutes listed above are available at natural health stores, many Asian food stores, or online. With the growing popularity of substituting wheat in cake recipes for a wheat free cake, many of the main grocery stores are beginning to catch on and now stock these flours and grains. In fact, people who are not wheat intolerant may be just looking for a healthier alternative to wheat. As the benefits of non-wheat grains and periodically going on a yeast free diet are now be.ing apparent, these trends are also driving its popularity. Papa Van Copyright (c) 2010 Papa Van About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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