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[Wuxi] Doosan dwarf fog, the fairyland – tourism Sohu Doosan, Wuxi east of a high hill, famous for "Taihu bamboo" and "Dou Shan Temple". In the morning, the bucket at the foot of the mountain villages often appear misty spectacle, known as "Doosan fog". Later, the CCTV reporter in "there is a fog called" Doosan dwarf "fog" of Doosan do morning reports, Doosan fog will have a gentle and has the characteristics of the southern Name: Doosan dwarf fog. Doosan dwarf fog, climate phenomenon peculiar to South of Jiangsu Province, only located in the Jiangnan small hills it may happen, and the different is that the "wonderful dwarf mist" is low, heavy under the trees and houses, and does not cover all the scenery. Doosan "dwarf ornamental fog" in spring and autumn two season is the best, sunny, no wind, the temperature difference between day and night is greater than 10 degrees above the weather conditions, there will be such a beautiful scenery. In late autumn, just third days into November, listen to Doosan’s friend said, tomorrow morning, Doosan may appear at 5:00 in the morning mist, then drove 45 kilometers, before 6:00 arrived at the Wuxi Beizhen tin bucket mountain, at the foot of the mountain after taking some photos before sunrise Chatian morning, climbed to the top of Doosan. The best place to watch the mountain into the bucket bucket mountain temple. 6:15, dawn grew out, the sun rose slowly from the horizon, the golden light scatter all over the mountains, fields, tea plantations and villages instantly, Yuanshanjinshui, brick tiles was fog, misty veil, dreamy, ethereal sultry, partly hidden and partly visible, as if the body in wonderland. Time: November 3, 2016, 6:00-7:00 location: Jiangsu city of Wuxi province Beizhen tin Doosan, Doosan temple.相关的主题文章:

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