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Zhengzhou, a hotel guest waiter is the original cash stolen "ghost" – the new network reporter Wang Xinchang the trip to Zhengzhou Ms. Li, in the lodging in the hotel lost 7900 yuan in cash. The police investigation found that the original is the hotel waiter two under the black hand. The two attendants from the Internet to buy a fake identity card, specifically around the hotel, the successful play disappeared, go to other hotels to find the target. Yesterday morning, the Zhengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Zheng Dong branch informed the case. [cases] the waiter to steal cash tenant Lee is Puyang, in April 6th this year, business trip to Zhengzhou, night live in a hotel room 1507. She took 40 thousand yuan in cash, are tied, and did not move during the stay of this part of the cash. 9 pm Lee came home and found a bundle of less than $7900 in cash. There were other important work, on the 19 day she was free to Zheng Dong Case Investigation Brigade police bureau. After the alarm, the Case Investigation Brigade captain video Ma Lei led the police immediately to carry out detective work. Through the transfer of video surveillance of the hotel found a male waiter "15 storey Hotel, Shu Mou" in April 8th alone into the room 1507. When the investigators went to the hotel to find "Shu" to understand the situation, told two attendants "Shu", "Xie Moumou" already disappear without a trace. Through the comparative analysis of the surrounding video surveillance, the police then determined a comfortable, Xie Moumou travel. In the course of the investigation of tension, Shu Mou, Xie Moumou’s true identity has emerged: Shu is a cold, a cold repeatedly by plane, using a comfortable identity for a successful candidate area of the hotel waiter, and for the corresponding bank card; Xie Moumou is a cold wife in the Tang. During the hotel work, using a fake ID to buy. Lee stole 7900 yuan, the two left from Zhengzhou, moved to Xining and other places. August 13, 2016, the police will return to the hometown of Sichuan, Gulin, a cold and Tang successfully captured. [statement] more than 40 cases of crime after interrogation has been in the country, the police found two people is not a jiancaiqiyi but carefully prepared and planned. A cold, he and his wife Tang long working outside, but life is far better than the rich neighbor. In order to obtain the "secret enrichment", two people in the neighborhood "Xiang Cun Zeng baishixueyi". Since 2013, a cold and Tang in Guiyang high prices to buy more than 10 pieces with their appearance, a high degree of identity cards, fraudulent use of the "buy" identity by plane have been to Sanya, Hangzhou, Guizhou, Wuxi, Huzhou, Nanjing, Zhengzhou and other places, for star hotel waiter. During the work of the hotel, two people take care of each other, the use of the convenience of the work of the hotel room to open the door to steal the property of the guests. In order not to attract the attention of the stolen guests, each time the number of stolen money is more than a few thousand dollars, a few hundred dollars less, once the guests have been aware of the report, the two immediately left, and then to other cities crime. According to a cold confession, two people in the country have more than 40 crimes, including theft of more than $2000 from the 9. At present, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章:

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